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If Your ROAS Is Low, Check Your Conversion Rate!

September 02, 20221 min read

Stop trying to solve your ROAS issues with media buying tactics.

Take a look at your conversion rate. If your landing page is converting at 1% or less, try making changes to increase the conversion rate and your ROAS will likely follow.

We have other blog posts about how to increase your conversion rate, please check posts on how to achieve this.

Many brands try to solve their profitability problems by testing audiences, creatives, etc.

But, if you're sending traffic to a website where the conversion rate is extremely low, you’re just wasting your time and money.

For example, a client recently started with us and their conversion rate was 0.04%. Now, 3 months later, it's 1.6%.

They’re sending the same amount of traffic to their website but converting 4x higher with a 4x ROAS as well.

This change allowed them to dramatically increase and scale their ad spend in revenue.

What difference would it make if your conversion rate was 400% higher?

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