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The Rise of Personalisation: The Future of Retail Marketing

July 08, 20223 min read

Consumers today have higher expectations for retailers than ever before. For shoppers to fully commit to that checkout page 💰, they want:

  • The best deals

  • Instant gratification

  • A shopping experience that feels both tailored and unique

To keep up with consumer demands, many retailers are turning to digital personalisation strategies. This includes shifting their focus to create shopping experiences for consumers based on their preferences, needs, and purchase history.

Personalisation, once limited mainly to specifically targeted offers, is now expanding to the entire consumer experience.

🏆 The win-win situation

Personalised marketing is a strategy that has been around for a while. Still, with the rise of technology, it has become extremely powerful. Retailers are now able to collect more data and use it to create individually personalised offers.

Implementing these types of strategies also allows retailers to provide one-to-one personalised added-value content for what consumers have already purchased. 🔥

A little lost? Here’s an example: if someone buys running shoes from Nike, they could receive an email with running tips or a list of running trails in their area.

Not all retailers offer personalised marketing experiences. Jumping on the bandwagon now provides you with a leg-up and competitive advantage over your non-personalised competitors.

🛒 How personalised marketing is changing the retail space

Personalised marketing is changing the way we shop. Because retail experiences are more and more tailored to each consumer, they are more enjoyable, efficient, and effective.

Consumers are now able to browse products they want and need in a space that feels like home, getting emails from brands who feel like their closest friends.

Retailers are now understanding that they need to make their consumers’ shopping experience convenient, fun, and personal if they want people to continue shopping there (and if they want to compete with other retailers in the same space 👀).

🗂️ Leveraging the power of consumer data

The digital age has made it possible for retailers to collect and analyse data about their consumers in ways that were once unimaginable. Diving into this data gives retailers a more holistic view of who their consumers are as individuals.

Consumer data is a powerful tool for brands to leverage in order to create successful marketing campaigns and experiences for their shoppers.

Being able to provide consumers with recommendations for products/services that are tailored to their needs and interests is proven to have a limitless impact on repeat purchase rates. 🤑

So what does maximising consumer data look like? Here are just a few strategies that retailers can begin to implement:

Offering personalised product recommendations based on a consumer's Google search history.

Showing consumers products in their size/shade/interest category.

Customising website content for individual consumers based on which consumer profile they fit.

Allowing consumers to customise their own products.

Targeting product ads to consumers who have viewed that product in the past.

🛍️ The future of retail

The importance of utilising data to create a personalised retail experience for consumers has never been more prevalent.

Most marketing personalisation today is segmented based on easily targetable personal details like age, gender, name, and location.

Now, the future of personalisation in retail is looking even deeper, utilising new and more advanced technology, new marketing strategies, and new avenues online and offline to ensure an individualised and seamless consumer experience.

Personalisation in retail is about much more than convenience for the consumer, but even more so about caring, connecting, and creating one-to-one relationships with each person who lands on your ads, visits your website, or receives your email newsletters. It’s about gaining their trust, rewarding loyal consumers, and keeping the relationship open, ongoing, and full of enjoyable experiences. ❤️

To summarise… the future of retail is here and it's personalised.

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