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Spreadify™ Marketing

The 10-Step Blueprint to Shopify Success eBook

Unlocking the Power of the SM Framework

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What you will get?

This eBook covers each point in our SM Framework in detail to help you understand and implement it right after reading it. Each chapter will include an overview of the strategy, tips and best practices for implementation, and real-world examples of businesses that have successfully used our strategies to increase their sales.

Why you need to act today?

With ever-increasing ad costs on Facebook and other platforms, ensuring your website is optimised for conversion is more important than ever. By implementing the strategies and techniques outlined in this eBook, you can expect a minimum 1% increase in your conversion rate. This may not seem like a lot, but even a slight increase in conversion rate can result in significant revenue increases.

For example, if your current conversion rate is 2% and you see a 1% increase, that’s an additional 500 purchases per 50,000 website visitors. Let’s say you have an average order value of $50, this would result in an additional $25,000 in monthly revenue that you are currently missing out on.

SM Framework Results

Implementing just 6 out of the 10 SM Framework strategies increased a Shopify Beauty Brands sales from zero to $199k/mo.

  • Unlocking the Power of the SM Framework

    As an eCommerce or service based business owner, you know that the competition is fierce, and the digital landscape is constantly changing. Keeping up with the latest strategies and tactics can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That’s where the SM Framework comes in.

  • From zero to 7 figures and beyond

    The SM Framework is a comprehensive guide to boosting your eCommerce sales. In this eBook, you will discover the 10 powerful strategies tested and proven to drive significant revenue growth. These strategies are easy to implement and tailored to work for businesses of any size and niche.

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Why Should I partner with Spreadify™ Marketing?

Because we grow your business like no other

Results Spreadify Marketing

We are not just a marketing agency!

We pride ourselves on being a plug-in marketing department for brands that want to go to new heights. This doesn't just include Paid Marketing, we are experts in troubleshooting the issues you face on a daily basis!

We are you!'re probably thinking did I read that right?

Yes you did, Spreadify™ Marketing ethos is that we are the brand, this means you can rest assured that your success is our success

We are as transparent as glass

We have witnessed first-hand the mediocre results other agencies have ‘provided’ to clients and swore this is something we would change! We share absolutely everything we do with our clients, how we work, why we take certain steps, why something works, why something doesn't work,so you are always in the loop and updated!

Consistent Results

We're not okay with 'good'. Only Incredible, satisfying consistent results.

Be our partner

We're not looking for a quick month or two of work to keep us alive. At Spreadify™ Marketing we only work with businesses that we see long term potential with. We prioritise building meaningful relationships. You're not just our client, you're our partner, and the closer we can work together, the better results we can achieve.

Fair & Flexible

Your marketing needs are always changing. The time of year, your finances and even the rate of your expansion - all will have an impact! and we adapt accordingly.