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Why partner with Spreadify™ Marketing?

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We are not just a marketing agency!

We pride ourselves on being a plug-in marketing department for brands that want to go to new heights. This doesn't just include Paid Marketing, we are experts in troubleshooting the issues you face daily!

We are you!...you're probably thinking did I read that right?

Yes you did, Spreadify™ Marketing ethos is that we are the brand, this means you can rest assured that your success is our success


We have witnessed first-hand the mediocre results other agencies have ‘provided’ to clients and swore this is something we would change! We share absolutely everything we do with our clients, how we work, why we take certain steps, why something works, and why something doesn't work, so you are always in the loop and updated!

Consistent Results

We're not okay with 'good'. Only Incredible, satisfying consistent results.

Be our partner

We're not looking for a quick month or two of work to keep us alive. At Spreadify™ Marketing, we only work with businesses that we see long term potential with. We prioritise building meaningful relationships. You're not just our client, you're our partner, and the closer we can work together, the better results we can achieve.

Fair & Flexible

Your marketing needs are always changing. The time of year, your finances and even the rate of your expansion - all will have an impact! and we adapt accordingly.

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Folks we've worked with

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Consistent Client Results

  • Megan G.

    "We can’t recommend Spreadify Marketing enough because you always feel like you are kept in the loop and better yet, working with them has never felt like working with a traditional contractor or agency, instead it feels like they are part of our team and has me wondering why we hadn’t used them earlier!"

  • Daniel B.

    "My business has never performed this good, they massively increased my return on ad spend on Facebook in 3 months, and guess what? in the last 3 months I have had more revenue and profit than I made in 10 months before I started working with these guys."

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Our Team

  • Kevin J.



    Meet Kevin, having owned an eCommerce brand that generated over $1.5 million in revenue, Kevin has first-hand experience in product and service marketing with a deep understanding of what works and what doesn't when it comes to driving sales and growing a business.

  • Edward R.

    Senior Media Buyer


    Meet Ed, a true marketing magician who turns strangers into loyal customers for your business. His main goal is to provide clients with maximum value through sustainable, predictable and profitable marketing strategies, resulting in long-term growth.

  • Salim B.



    Meet Salim, our copywriting expert who has mastered the psychology of selling and knows how to speak to your target audience to increase sales. Salim is skilled in crafting persuasive and compelling content that speaks directly to your customers.

  • Debbie D.

    Project Manager


    Meet Debbie, founder of The Virtual Hire. Specialising in streamlining customer support and admin tasks for clients. Debbie is dedicated, reliable and efficient in providing prompt support for any inquiry you may have throughout our partnership.

  • Shaktiraaj S.

    Graphic Designer


    Meet Shaktiraaj, with a wizard-like ability to bring ideas to life. Shaktiraaj creates visually stunning designs that will grab attention, from eye-catching ads to engaging social media posts, Shaktiraaj has the skills to make your brand stand out.

  • Yhanie I.



    Meet Yhanie, our Social Media specialist who can assist in increasing your online presence, optimising Social Media strategy, growing your page organically, and driving sales, ensuring your brand reaches its full potential.

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