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Are you tired of working with marketing agencies that fail to deliver on their promises and leave you frustrated with wasted time and resources?

Look no further than Spreadify™ Marketing, a all-round marketing agency dedicated to helping you grow your businesses by spreading the word using Digital Marketing. Our team of experts specialise in Paid Ads, Lead Generation, and Viral Landing Pages to drive traffic and increase revenue for businesses of all types, from eCommerce to local and service-based.

As a marketing agency, we know that the success of our partner's businesses is directly tied to the quality of our services and the level of attention we provide to each and every partner. That's why at Spreadify™ Marketing, we're committed to delivering nothing but the best results for every partner we work with.


Kevin J.



Aaron T.

Chief Executive Officer


Shivam K.

Chief Marketing Officer


Edward C.

Senior Media Buyer


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Yhanie I.



Debbie D.

Project Manager


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Floryselle L.

Social Media Manager


Shaktiraaj S.

Graphic Designer


Aiman K.

Video Editor


Haroon K.

Video Editor

Our mission is to transform the marketing agency experience

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Having us by your side means more than just employing a marketing agency to help with the day-to-day setup of paid ads; think of us as an extension of your business.

We offer more than just Marketing; we're adept at solving the real-time challenges you face daily. From immediate firefighting to long-term vision, we've got your back!

Our founder, Kevin, single-handedly took his eCommerce brand from zero to $1.5 million in just 20 months, all through the power of paid ads; this means he knows what it's like in the trenches of marketing, having experienced it first-hand, unlike the average marketing agency founder who often resorts to hiring so-called "experts" without truly understanding how to identify and evaluate genuine expertise.

Now, let's introduce you to Shivam, our Chief Marketing Officer, a seasoned expert in the field. He has a remarkable track record, having managed campaigns for industry giants, managing daily marketing budgets of up to $50,000. His expertise make him an invaluable asset to our team and a driving force behind our marketing success.

With our hands-on experience, ask yourself if you believe we're equipped to launch your marketing campaign(s) and make it yet another success? 🤔

Our commitment to delivering results goes beyond words; when we say we're with you every step of the way, it's not a slogan; it's our way of doing business. Our offers and guarantees underscore our commitment, ensuring your goals become ours.

In our partnership, accountability matters, but so does fairness. We recognise that our services are an investment for your business, so we set performance caps. It's not just about numbers; it's about safeguarding your profitability, even as we tirelessly work to push the boundaries of success.

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Never worry about Marketing again!

When we talk about transparency, we mean revealing every facet of our partnership.

Every week, you'll receive in-depth reports, complete with video walkthroughs one week, followed by detailed written reports the next, with no secrets, no hidden metrics, just open, honest reporting.

And as for communication, we're here, always, 24/7. We don’t rely on automated responses when questions arise; count on us for prompt replies or ad-hoc Zoom calls.

Your concerns matter deeply to us 🤗

Lastly, our commitment extends to making your life easier. We continuously find ways to simplify processes and alleviate your marketing burden. We understand the weight you carry, and our mission is to shift it from your shoulders to ours. We're not just a marketing agency but your partner on the path to your success.

Spreadify Marketing Our Vision

What sets you apart?

We stand out with our performance-based approach plus a setup fee, aligning our success directly with yours. We're committed, not just to our Performance Share but to ensuring your brand thrives.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to project your brand's unique message through our proven marketing systems, ensuring every penny of your marketing budget is fully optimised to maximise your ROI.

How do you ensure guaranteed results?

Our confidence in delivering results is backed by a bold guarantee: if we don't meet our agreed-upon goals, we issue a refund, extend a $1,000 apology, and continue to refine and execute your marketing campaigns at no additional cost until we achieve the set targets.

Can you help increase my sales?

Certainly. Sales growth is our expertise. By harnessing the power of advanced tracking and data analytics, we craft and implement strategies that precisely target and captivate your potential customers.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Our partnership network is vast, encompassing a variety of businesses all aiming for one thing: substantial growth in sales and a broader customer base through strategic and effective marketing.

How long does it take to see results?

While results timelines can differ, our strategic approach is designed to yield improvements quickly, typically within the first quarter. That's why our initial contracts are set at 90 days, freeing you from lengthy commitments common with other agencies.

How much input is required from me?

Your initial input is crucial for crafting a campaign that truly reflects your brand. Through our onboarding process, asset collection, and content collaboration, we ensure our marketing strategies are a perfect extension of your brand's ethos.

Do you provide updates on campaigns?

Transparency is a cornerstone of our service. Expect weekly progress reports and anytime access to our SM Dashboard, giving you a real-time view of your marketing campaign's performance.

What happens if I'm not satisfied?

Should our campaigns not hit the mark, we act immediately. You'll receive a setup fee refund, a $1,000 apology payment, and our continued services at no extra charge until we fulfil our result-based promise.

Can you adjust marketing strategy mid-campaign?

Flexibility is key in today's dynamic market. We are always prepared to pivot and adapt our strategies to align with your evolving goals, ensuring continued success and relevance.

Spreading the word about your business is what we do


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