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Steal These Facebook Ad Copy Tips

September 16, 20222 min read

Our Facebook team is ready to spill some serious secrets on how you can level up your ad copy to get those sweet, sweet conversions.

Steal these six copy tips to get you started: 👇

1️⃣ Use numbers

It’s important to remember that numbers draw more attention in your copy with a specific callout. Consider using a stat or fun fact!

The number you choose to showcase should help the shopper understand why they need your product. If it’s on-brand for your company to joke around, try that! Or go the more traditional route:

  • 97% of people rated it ★★★★★

  • The 3 worst things about an average [product]

  • 3 reasons 100,000+ have upgraded to [product]

2️⃣ Add important message callouts

It's a classic, but hooks like:

  • Warning…

  • 🆕…

  • Uh-oh 👀…

Create an instant emotional response to engage with your message. Using this style prompts ad readers to react with more urgency and intensity.

3️⃣ Position as a win

Any unique offer element can be framed this way, but clients have seen success with hooks using:

  • Congrats 🎉

  • You're in luck! 🎉

Give the prospect a positive response right away and create excitement about your offering. Now you just have to deliver with the offer positioning itself.

4️⃣ Position as a secret

Similar to positioning as a win, this is a different way to make someone feel like they've won.

  •'s a secret deal 👀 But don't tell anyone... there's only 300 codes available. 😉

  •'s a secret eCommerce exclusive offer.

  • Oops! You found out about our secret 👀 Click to reveal your deal.

5️⃣ Lifestyle

Seasonality and lifestyle can be winning angles! Consider if the product you’re offering fits into someone's seasonal routines and lean in.

What problems might your product solve for your target market during the summer? What way might it make someone's summer better?

6️⃣ Innovative and new

People want to feel like they're onto the newest and coolest trend. Share the innovation behind your product and leverage angles like:

  • Just dropped 💥

  • It's finally here 😮

Steal these tips to contrast test and/or iterate on your own winning creatives! If you’re stuck in a creative rut and can’t get those pesky ads to scale, reach out!

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