Are Your Emails Getting Delivered?

As Q4 and the holiday season ramp up, we want to ensure you have all the tools in your arsenal to crush the competition. 💥 

Today’s topic? Locking down your email sequences and making sure customers see them!

📬 Inboxing

Now's the time to make sure people see the emails you pour so much work into. If your emails are landing in spam, your offers fall on significantly fewer eyes.

Compare different domains and different segments to maximise audience reach with your offers.

If you’re not on top of testing and messaging, your offers may fall into the void this Q4. With an influx of messages going out, IPs tighten up their process to ensure only important emails are getting through. 🙅‍♀️

This is the time to warm up your IP and ensure your sending email domain has some history. Brand new domains are more likely to trigger spam and promotional placements.

👀 The low down

Ask new users to drag your email into their inbox. This helps train the algorithms to identify your email as important.

List hygiene is key! Ensure you’re segmenting and re-engaging unengaged users.

Get ready to A/B test. Subject lines, use of images, and messaging all have the potential to impact open rates and click-through rates.

Track your opens and deliverability. Use online email tools like Google’s Gmail Postmaster!

Have a well-thought-out email sequence. Guide shoppers through the buying journey. Be personal, respectful, and value the space you’re taking up in the inbox.

Have questions on how to maximise your email campaigns? We’ve got you covered, reach out! 👋

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